PMTO Brochure and Fact Sheets

Our fact sheets and brochure about ISII and PMTO provide brief summaries and key points about our programs in an attractive, printable format. Click on each image to access the two-sided printable pieces.

Implementation Sciences

Implementation Sciences International, Inc. (ISII), a research-based, non-profit organization, trains community practitioners in Parent Management Training – Oregon Model (PMTO®)

PMTO Overview

Parent Management Training – Oregon Model (PMTO®) is an evidence-based intervention that helps parents strengthen families at all levels (children, youth, parents, and couples).

PMTO Full Transfer

The Full Transfer approach to PMTO implementation is a multi-phase process with the goal of achieving sustained model fidelity.

Parenting Through Change

Parenting Through Change (PTC) delivers PMTO with fidelity in a parenting group format. PTC groups are structured to engage participants in an educational, supportive and active experience.

Implementing Evidence-Based Parenting

This brochure provides a brief explanation of the global reach, cost benefits, and long-term sustainability of PMTO. Click here for a print-ready pdf.