Helping Families Around the World

GenerationPMTO is an evidence-based, structured intervention program designed to help parents strengthen families at all levels. Based on more than 50 years of ongoing research, it promotes social skills and prevents, reduces and reverses the development of moderate to severe conduct problems in children and youth.

Since the first implementation in Norway in 1999, GenerationPMTO has been shared with more than 50,000 families from all socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, and family types throughout the world (see more about GenerationPMTO's history.) This has resulted in a wide variety of rich and nuanced experiences with diverse families including numerous social, cultural, economic, religious, and other identities. Several hundred trained professionals to teach GenerationPMTO techniques to parents in the U.S.— in New York, Missouri, Michigan, Minnesota, Kansas, Oregon, and Utah—and internationally in Norway, Iceland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Mexico, and Uganda. Intervention has been provided to individual families, in parent groups, and through telehealth delivery and has been adapted for child welfare and other populations with trauma issues. Learn more about GenerationPMTO implementation sites and projects.

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Evidence-Based Parent Training Shows Wide-Ranging Benefits

GenerationPMTO alters family dynamics and opens doors to healthy new social environments with long lasting and far reaching results. For example, families receiving GenerationPMTO continued to experience positive outcomes throughout a nine-year follow-up period including reductions in:

  • delinquency,

  • deviant peer associations,

  • depression for both youth and mothers,

  • police arrests for both youth and mothers, and

  • early onset police arrests of youth.


Mothers also experienced improvements in income, occupation, education, financial stress. Multiple studies support the effectiveness of GenerationPMTO.


The positive effects of GenerationPMTO have been referenced by the American Psychological Association in its report to lawmakers and policy-makers "Gun Violence: Prediction, Prevention, and Policy" (December 2013): "Prevention research has shown that intervening with at-risk families to improve parenting skills can disrupt the pathway from early-onset aggressive behavior to delinquency in adolescence (Patterson, Forgatch, & DeGarmo, 2010)."


GenerationPMTO and ISII Provide Full Transfer to the "Real World"

What sets us apart from many programs is that we collaborate with the community. Implementation Sciences International, Inc. (ISII) is the vehicle through which we bring GenerationPMTO out of the research setting into the "real world." With a network of scientists and practitioners from North America, Central America and Europe, we train the first generation of practitioners in a community, and help leaders select and train subsequent generations. ISII provides ongoing support and training as leaders selected from this first generation build their own infrastructure for training, coaching, fidelity checks, certification, and further tailoring within their site. After a community assumes responsibility for implementation and monitoring GenerationPMTO, we focus our support on fidelity ratings, conducted periodically by our skilled Fidelity Teams.

We are proud to announce the release of "Raising Cooperative Kids - Proven Practices for a Connected, Happy Familyby Marion Forgatch, PhD, Gerald Patterson, PhD, and Tim Friend. This long-awaited book for parents and practitioners provides step-by-step details for families everywhere. Developed from over 50 years of practice and clinical studies, these parenting skills are the tools taught by GenerationPMTO trainers and clinicians in each of our implementation sites. For more info and to order, please go to

Jerry Patterson


Inspired by Jerry's model for a life well lived and loved, we continue the work of GenerationPMTO and celebrate his life and contributions through the Jerry Patterson Coercion Chautauqua. Periodically, we will be bringing together scholars and thinking individuals to continue the scientific discussion about Coercion Theory and to provide an opportunity to celebrate Jerry and his model of balancing work, love and play.