Laura Rains, M.A., LCSW

Director of Implementation and Training, Senior GenerationPMTO Mentor, FIMP Consensus Team

Once upon a time I was an editor at a small newspaper and I wanted to get better, so I earned a Masters degree in journalism, health education and sociology at the University of Oregon. To support my studies, I worked as a research assistant at OSLC on the landmark Oregon Youth Study, and soon after became a parent group facilitator with a school-based intervention and the Oregon Divorce Study. I was captivated by family work! Back to graduate school I went to earn an MSW. Over the past 25 years, I’ve coordinated assessment, worked with children, adults and families, and learned from all of ISII’s implementations of GenerationPMTO.

I currently plan and design ISII’s training programs, co-author educational materials and book chapters, and train, coach and troubleshoot across systems. I feel so lucky to connect with a lovely ensemble of colleagues locally, nationally, and internationally while enjoying the scenery along the way. I’m grateful for exemplary mentoring by Marion Forgatch and Nancy Knutson, and I love to learn about new therapeutic techniques and methods. The beauty of Oregon, learning about teenage life with my bonus daughter, and the antics of my sweet animal family bring me joy.