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Explore our unique, evidence-based parenting techniques while fine-tuning your skills! This is an opportunity to re-imagine the power of your impact with families by learning how to weave GenerationPMTO into your practice.

Our 3-day, hands-on mini course invites practitioners to engage and experiment with a set of effective parenting strategies and tools that can be applied immediately. This active, in-person course is paired with an online trouble-shooting coaching component, adding up to an exciting learning experience that is fun, convenient, and supportive.

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Reactivate your practice today by learning how to weave GenerationPMTO’s  trauma-informed parenting strategies into your work with families!

“Very helpful to work with many of my clients; appreciate tools that were provided to use in sessions as well as holding true to the model.”                                                                                                      - Course participant



Evidence-Based: Includes overview of model, research, and successful outcomes

Core Skills: Discover key parenting practices (Clear Directions, Encouragement, Emotion Identification/Regulation, Active Communication/Problem Solving)

Innovative: Practice our unique, interactive methods to bring GenerationPMTO to your caseload

Adaptive: Discuss and generalize skill set for delivery across settings. Learn how parenting practices mediate the effects of harsh family contexts on child/adolescent outcomes

Cost Effective:  Spend less time and money than our year-long course while earning CEUs (although you may want to join the longer course after experiencing the effectiveness of our program first-hand!)



Engage: Using demonstration, experiential scenarios, video clips, small-group and dyadic exercises, and data presentation this course adapts to your needs 

Practice: Practice active teaching tools with each other to reinforce strategies to deliver with fidelity to the model. The course emphasizes the use of 3D (demonstrate, differentiate, debrief) role play, problem solving, and other best-practice active teaching strategies

Apply:  Learning the GenerationPMTO trauma-informed, evidence-based model will allow you to immediately apply it to your work with families of children/teens with behavior problems, parenting challenges, adjustment, trauma, relevant contextual factors

Two flexible, mini course options designed to meet you where you are!

Offsite:  We come to your location, perfect for groups of 5 or more

Onsite: Individuals come to us and join a group at our Eugene, Oregon location

“I will be using each technique we reviewed with my family sessions and the information    provided will  be used daily.”                                                                  - Course participant