20 Years Already?

Celebrating 20 Years of Collaboration & Innovation with our Norwegian Colleagues

Leaders, researchers, trainers, coaches, and FIMPers from the Norway PMTO project visited ISII for 3 days to share new ideas and celebrate past success.   

The leadership baton of clinical director is being passed from Elisabeth Askeland to Anett Apeland. Here, they present the theory of change that is the foundation for their new Supportive Parents Coping Children program.

Norwegians like to role play, role play, role play! During the clinical workshop we incorporated strategies that support vulnerable child welfare populations.

Phil Fisher, Director of the Center for Translational NeuroScience at the University of Oregon and former researcher at OSLC, discussed measures and effects of stressful experiences and maltreatment on children's neurobiological and psychological development. Phil described prevention and treatment programs for improving maltreated children's functioning.

Fall leaves were central during the clinical workshop: Favorites were chosen in an early-morning group cohesion activity; all practiced the mindful activity “leaves on a stream”; they were used to identify the many ways support and encouragement prevents burnout.

When Generation 1 (many pictured here) was certified in Eugene in 2001, we presented them with the quintessential Oregon clothing, tie dye from Saturday Market. 

Fast-forward 20 years and the current group of Norwegians was treated to cool new tie-dye threads designed by a family-operated business on the Oregon coast.

The Norwegian group celebrated Marion and Laura's work with the team over the years with to a celebration banquet, speeches, songs, games, and gifts. We shared many opportunities to raise our glasses and shout "Skol!" to Norway's many successes. 

And touching certificates.

Kristin Richardsen, regional consultant, revels in the fall splendor near OSLC.