GenerationPMTO is Coming Home!

We are beyond thrilled to announce the GenerationPMTO is beginning an implementation in Oregon!

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) funded a pilot training program that begins this month with leadership planning and onsite staff meetings.

Training will be provided to Options Counseling practitioners starting in January 2020. From there we hope to expand the program each year until we’re statewide.

The reason this is so meaningful is that GenPMTO was originally developed and tested in Eugene/Springfield, Oregon and surrounding areas with local families. Over the years, other countries, states and cities have since implemented the model, but it has not been available to families in Oregon except from a few local practitioners. Getting this program to Oregon families has been a goal for many of us, but particularly for model developers the late Dr. Gerald Patterson and Dr. Marion Forgatch.

Training of the first cohort of practitioners (in-person workshops and coaching) begins in January. In the following year, we hope 1 or 2 more sites will be identified and join us as we train a second cohort. During the process, data will be collected through observations and from parent self-report measures. We look forward to seeing the results as well as a future statewide implementation of GenPMTO in Oregon!

We want to thank our partners at OHA, Laurie Theodorou and Chelsea Holcomb, who have championed the start of this implementation. Laurie, a Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) trainer and coordinator, and Chelsea, a strong leader with short- and long-term vision, both believe in data and see that GenPMTO will map on nicely with services for families with children who are older than the recommended age range for PCIT services. We appreciate being included as part of this continuum of care.