GenPMTO Community Training 2019-2020

We enjoyed participants at our Community Training who flew in from California, NYC, and Chile, while one even traveled by car from Portland. 

It was pure joy to have Dr. Ruben Parra-Cardona co-lead with us sharing his passion for GenPMTO while weaving in context for working with LatinX families and communities.

Learning the subtleties of teaching parents to regulate emotions, give their children clear directions, and effectively use encouragement and praise are foundations of the Community Training course.

Using role play, an active teaching tool, participants practice what they have learned.

“Excellent methodology. I honestly have not seen this quality of training in more than 35 years when I was in the service.”                                                                        - CT Participant

Excited to be heading back home to begin sharing newly learned skills and tools with their families, participants celebrate this important next step by letting their scoobies fly!

After only a few short weeks, participants engage in virtual sessions with GenPMTO trainers. This easy-access format provides a strength-based opportunity to dive deeper into real-life delivery of the model, problem solve with everyone’s wisdom in the room, and gain support along the way.