­­­Shine a Light on PMTO Magic in Kansas

A paper recently published by Drs. Becci Akin and Thomas McDonald of Kansas reported that GenerationPMTO contributed to earlier reunification of children and youth in foster care with their birth parents!

The data is from our implementation with the Kansas Intensive Permanency Project (KIPP), which began in 2011. Outcomes from this randomized controlled trial include 6.9% increased rate of reunification for the PMTO group compared to treatment as usual and 151 days less time in foster care.

Individuals who have provided leadership for Kansas PMTO since 2010, left to right: Cheryl Rathbun (SFCS), Becci Akin (KU), Linda Bass (KVC), Vickie McArthur (SFCS), Patricia Long (DCF), and Pam Cornwell (SFCS).

Positive Outcomes = Significant Cost Savings

  • Reunification rates are 6.9% higher for the PMTO group compared to treatment as usual

  • 151 days less time in foster care per child

There is much to be proud of in Kansas and for all on our teams of trainers, coaches, and support staff who delivered some magic!

Read the abstract or purchase the article here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0145213418302801