Students Passionate about Providing Parenting Services to Latinx Families

Students at Utah State University are currently in the second semester of a two-semester course on GenerationPMTO. The students, all bilingual and bicultural Latinxs, are passionate about providing services to Latinx families and have learned about the basic theory and research findings in GenerationPMTO as well as the Parenting Through Change (PTC-10) intervention manual.

Class has been fully bilingual, preparing them to deliver services in English and Spanish as needed. As a result of this class, the group mobilized to offer the first-ever GenerationPMTO group for families through the Sorenson Center for Clinical Excellence, a community health agency based on the Utah State University campus.

Three of the students are currently running a PTC-10 informed group and thus providing services to local area families. Two other students are preparing to deliver community information sessions to improve community awareness of the GenerationPMTO groups and to introduce parents to the Big Ideas at the upcoming Feria de la Salud hosted by the Northern Utah Hispanic Health Coalition. The timing of the course is excellent given that Utah is the first state to receiving funding for the Family First Act.