In the hectic lives of busy parents, sometimes the mere thought of rushing through traffic or commuting long distances to attend a parenting class can translate into one too many hurdles to jump. Stress then fuels negative thoughts: "I can't" or "I won't" or "I didn't do it right." It’s so easy to give up and feel defeated.

Enter Telehealthy 

One way to meet parents where they’re at is with GenerationPMTO TeleHealth. We like to think of it as the Telehealthy option! It’s the next generation of our popular parenting program. Deeply rooted in our evidence-based model, this state-of-the-art phone and web-based intervention combines the comfort of home with the convenience of modern technology.

Bridging the Gap

Telehealth reaches parents during day, evening, and weekend hours, and meets the needs of families living in urban, rural, and remote communities alike. Program flexibility provides agencies and therapists versatile new ways to enrich their practice and apply relevant skills to their world of intervention.

Thinking Outside the Box

Imagine being able to conduct a role play over the phone, successfully eliciting parenting strengths without actually seeing the parent, or modeling how to use an incentive chart through conversation, vocal inflection, and active communication!

Read on to hear how our implementation site in Canada is blazing the trail in phone delivery in the mental health sector, adding value to their parenting program along the way.

Shine a Light on Confident Parents, Thriving Kids

A Champion of Champions

In 2015 Bev Gutray, CEO of the British Columbia division of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), championed the first adaptation of PMTO for a phone delivery parenting program in the province. Under the guidance of our program developers Dr. Marion Forgatch and Laura Rains, LCSW, we worked with CMHA to tailor core PMTO concepts and skills into a 6, 10 and 14-week phone delivery curriculum. Confident Parents: Thriving Kids (CPTK) was born.

Parents Report Improvements

Just 12 months after CPTK got started, CMHA BC reported 65% of parents' concerns resolved with an additional 79% of families reporting "very good or good improvements" in their child's behavior.

Thank you, Bev!

Today, thanks to the vision of Bev and daily efforts of her impressive team, BC parents struggling with their child's mild to moderate behavior problems need only a phone, mailbox, and doctor's referral to be eligible to enroll in CPTK at no cost. As Bev makes plans to retire, we wish to acknowledge and thank her for outstanding leadership, collaboration, and dedication to the program's success.

CPTK Gets a Boost

Last month, GenerationPMTO mentors Laura Rains and Margaret Lathrop traveled to Vancouver, BC, to provide CPTK program coaches with a "Booster" workshop designed to strengthen their skills within the telehealth context.

Echoing themes of troubleshooting, preventing and managing resistance, and self-care, and building team cohesion, the CPTK coach team, fidelity raters, and reflective coaches actively role-played, brainstormed, and celebrated their strengths over 2 days of intensive workshop activities. Bravo, BC!

Coaching without Seeing

Without making eye contact, coaches practiced the phone delivery experience through simulated role play exercises. When asked about what they do best in phone coaching, valuable strengths surfaced:

Joining with the parent and connecting in the storyline  -Hayley

Establishing a positive rapport with families -Henry

Helping parents feel comfortable, mostly by normalizing  -Renee

Helping parents feel welcome and accepted, and gently guide them through PMTO by shining light on their strengths -Mridula

A Few Tips

Several practical tips from the coaches also emerged during the workshop.

Encouraging and praising parents in phone coaching: Building rapport; balancing encouragement and teaching -Julia 

How to manage distraction: Set clear boundaries around program expectations -Becky

Setting the stage for phone coaching: Be enthusiastic about connecting with encouragement! Peace is always possible -Danielle

Benefits of GenerationPMTO Telehealth Program

We are excited by the promise of our Telehealth parenting program and encourage you to explore options and consider the benefits for your agency or practice. Get Telehealthy!

Contact us today to learn how you can bring our customized telehealth parenting program to your organization.