Thousands of Families Served

In Vancouver, British Columbia, the Community Mental Health Agency – BC delivers GenPMTO to families by phone (“telehealth”).  This month several of their parent coaches reached major milestones in their work creating positive change in BC, one phone call at a time.

Mridula Morgan completed 2,200 while Danielle Dionne, Mike Nishi and Soomin Yoon each completed 1,500 and Renee Julian 1,000. We are impressed by their incredible dedication to helping so many families.

Program leader, Mags Jankowiak, recognized the coaches’ hard work and compiled testimonials provided by the parents they worked with. 

The parents had so many positive things to say about their coaches!  Here's a sampling of some of our favorites:

"I can't sing the praises of Mridula enough. She was just so wonderful! She really modeled to us good communication and positive encouragement and we always left our time with her feeling appreciated, even on days when I was resistant or grumpy. I've never been coached like that. It was so cool...I totally recognize the importance of consistency now."

"Danielle was incredible! She read our situation very well and was able to understand in ways other people hadn't before."

"I will stand on the street with billboards to promote how great this program was!"

"Mike was absolutely excellent. I felt like we were finally heard and understood and that we had someone on our side." 

"This program was a game-changer; I was so down and discouraged when I entered the program but now I can honestly say our lives have changed."

"Soomin was absolutely wonderful. She really supported me through some tough times and made me feel heard and understood when I really needed that."

"The program was so encouraging and really great. It was full of information and I really enjoyed the weekly check-ins."

"Renee was wonderful. She was so kind and supportive and really went above and beyond what I expected every single session."

"I wish I could keep my coach in my pocket at all times. The encouragement she provided kept me going."