We're in Granola Country Now

Training of seventeen practitioners from several Options Counseling locations commenced last month. What a treat it was to train these talented practitioners from our own state! Dr. Marion Forgatch, model co-developer, was on hand to welcome the training participants and share the evidence and theory behind GenerationPMTO.

In this active workshop, participants brainstormed many strengths they see in the parents they've work with. They believe in the power of families!

In Workshop 1, they practiced giving good directions, teaching a token system, 3D role play, and conducting an initial session. They also learned about technology related to video recording their sessions.

Laura Rains, Director of Implementation and Training, appreciated having leaders from Options Counseling and Oregon Health Authority present. They were there to support their staff and shine the light on their many strengths. Our training team - Laura, April Scotton, Margaret Lathrop, Abi Gewirtz (virtually) and Marion - was especially wowed by the participants' engagement and interest in bringing an evidence-based parenting model to their families.

Participants had good feedback for the trainers, too. A few we'd like to share with you:

Excellent quality of instruction, diverse strategies of teaching

and engaging the group. I’m very grateful for this training!

It provided time to not only get to know the program, but our peers in the process with us.

I love that it was organized, fun, active, and focused on strength!

And because we love workshop photos...

We look forward to welcoming participants back for the next 3 workshop days this month.

Go Oregon!